Times Ahead

  • Posted by: Jenny
  • 2019-02-19

Times Ahead

You are ageless

You are timeless

You are incomprehensible

You are uncontainable

Yet there is you that we connect with

Like we have known before

Though sparingly seen

Though partially known

And still can never be put to words

It feels like grave injustice trying to express the ineffable

Almost like pain, trying to articulate

Though I do not perfectly know you

But you are like someone I already know

And though I know not in a million years

I will find words for what I know

And the more I focus on you

Although the more clear it gets who you really are

Then again the more lost for words

You are like one I have known before

Yet one to be known

But not to worry

 I may see in a glass darkly

I will see you face to face

The one I have always known

I know in parts but will know fully then

For I will see you as you are

The ageless one

The timeless one

The incomprehensible

The uncontainable one

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